JobOrt is from two words, Job and Ort. Ort is a German word which means place or location. Our slogan is "Jobs in the cloud".

Get More Done in Less Time

Our service platform instantly connects you with skilled Taskers to help with odd-jobs and errands, so you can be more productive, every day.

How It Works

1 Hirer posts a task

2 Taskers are notified

3 Taskers request to be hired

4 Hirer hires preferred tasker

5 Tasker generates an invoice for hirer

6 Tasker receives the paid amount only when both the tasker and hirer confirms work completion

Safe and Secure

Both the hirer and the tasker are protected.

Funds are only paid to tasker when job is completed and both party confirms.

Hirer can be refunded if tasker fails to deliver or perform task.